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 Together We Can  Make A Change And Help Empower Black Independent Films Globally!

Support IBDFF And Together We Can  Help Empower Independent Black Films!

The idea behind IBDFF is to provide a platform that supports Black films through inclusion. Our festival will provide year-round publicity for Black Films as we continue to search for distribution opportunities for IBDFF2021 Nominees.  We cannot do it alone which is why we need your support no matter how small to get us going.  Together we can make a change and be a strong voice for Independent Black filmmakers regardless of boundaries!

Image by Clark Tibbs

As a festival that celebrates diversity through inclusion, our goal and objectives are to remain consistent in providing a solid platform for local and international Black Arts, Artist, Screenwriters, and Filmmakers here in Toronto, from across Canada and Globally.


Your support will help IBDFF grow bigger and better and enable IBDFF to expands in areas that are part of our long-term vision, a benefit to all Black filmmakers and stakeholders.


This includes offering a wider range of movie screenings, conferences, markets, discussions, music concerts & festivals, fashion, acting, and film workshops to local and international film lovers from Canada and across the globe. Indeed, your support through small donations will help to grow IBDFF for Black independent films!


Thanks for supporting IBDFF with your small donation!

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