IBDFF- 2022



July 16, 2022 | Canada



The International Black & Diversity Film Festival – IBDFF is an independent film festival established to give a platform to Black Filmmakers while celebrating cultural diversity through inclusion, bringing independent filmmakers from around the globe to showcase their work in Toronto, Canada every year! Showcasing Black Cinema through the type of diversity Toronto is known for.​

​While IBDFF main focus is on Films made by Blacks, or by other race with Black Actors in key roles, or films that showcase Black realities from across the globe, IBDFF is also open to the inclusion of independent films that can be seen and appreciated by those interested to learn about other cultures hence promoting a blend of cultural diversity through film.

Support IBDFF And Together We Can  Help Empower Independent Black and Diversity Films!  The idea behind IBDFF is to provide a platform that supports Black films through inclusion. Our festival will provide year-round publicity for Black Films as we continue to search for distribution opportunities for our IBDFF2021 Nominees.  We cannot do it alone which is why we need your support no matter how small to get us going.  Together we can make a change and be a strong voice for Independent Black filmmakers regardless of boundaries!


JULY 16, 2022

 The Viewer's Choice Award Is Determined By The Fans! 

All  IBDFF Award Nominees  Are Eligible To Compete For The Viewers Choice Award.

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The Black Actors and Film Guild Canada 

The Black Actors and Film Guild Canada promotes and empowers Black actors and filmmakers in Canada



September 18 – 19, 2021

Meet Our Festival Partner. The Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival is a festival that Celebrates Diversity Through Film. 

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The idea behind the IBDF Festival event is that it is a combination of a year’s worth of community-building through several smaller events that enhance and educates the audiences with unique cinematic and cultural opportunities, resulting in the community-wide film festival.

Films are selected from entries screened by panels of judges selecting the best of the best films for award consideration. IBDFF is a festival that prides itself in showcasing independent films that celebrates the brilliance of Black filmmaking, from emerging and established filmmakers, yet celebrating the diversity in filmmaking through the inclusion of films from around the Globe, Canada and locally here in Toronto, connecting filmmakers and the community in one place.

At the IBDFF annual event every year in late Spring, we will be having a host of the events that include Screening of Movies selected by our screening panels live at the York Cinema Richmond Hill, Albion Cinema, North York, and other screening venues, Fashion shows, Local Artist Performing Live, and awarding Filmmakers with actual Trophy Awards presented to filmmakers!

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